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Patient Portal -- for established patients to update information, insurance, payments, access blood work and x-rays, and for online secure patient messaging.
MeVisit Info:
  • Download the app MeVisit
  • Request pre-approval/ receive approval during regular office hours
  • request a visit for symptoms such as Cough, Flu, allergies, congestion, some medication refills
  • get a response within an hour
  • Monday-Friday 8:00-8:00 pm, Saturday 8:00-12:00
  • Only $40.00
  • Insurance can not be billed at this time
Links provided as a general guide.  Before intiating any change or recommendation check with your healthcare provider.
General links - a resource with information on  lab tests and what they mean - link that has information about labs that are frequently ordered - link to site with a variety of  trusted patient educational material on diseases, management, diet and more - good link for medical information and resources - from diseases and patient education to statistical data on health and even has a link to track flu activity in your area - another good link with lots of information for those more curious about there disease process, ongoing clinical trials, patient education and health assessment tools - link with good information on a variety of health conditions - link to a calculator that gives you an estimate of your risk of having a heart attack in the next 10 years link to basic frostbite treatment.  Seek immediate medical treatment but if not available this is a general  guide.
Diet/Cholesterol link with info on different types of fiber and daily needs with a list of fiber content of food - link to food pyramid and recommended daily food choices with the ability to personalize your own pyramid - link on cholesterol and how to lower it by dietary means - link to cdc with general nutrion advice and information - link to a BMI calculator- this is an indirect measure of body fat  - also includes links on how to lower your BMI
Diabetes/Sugar - A link with general information about the disease and dietary changes with interactive portions and meal planning online - Mayo clinic link on diabetic diets with exchange lists and carb counting - site with links to activity logs, diet information, sugar logs and calorie burn calculator - you don't have to take the medicine to benefit from the website
Hypertension/High blood pressure A link to the DASH diet for high blood pressure this along with diet and exercise can lower blood pressure as effective as some medications
Vaccines/shots - link with info on vaccines and why your kids need them
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